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I have Choice Home Warranty on four separate properties located in three states.

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And while we haven't had any major claims over the last few years, having a home warranty has given us a peace of mind more than a value in dollars.

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All I can do is warn others, find another group that expedites things like this. More…

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You hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Jersey, and waive any objection to venue with respect to actions brought in such courts. More…

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They don't think about what insurance does and does not cover. Most insurance policies only cover issues relating to damage to the home. Those living in the Midwest often experience harsh winters that can cause pipes to freeze and bust inside the walls. An insurance company will pay for a repairman to come to the house and fix the problem without thinking about the other factors of the case. A broken pipe can cause water damage to the walls, lead to mold developing on the carpets and cause additional damage. A home warranty policy can cover the cost of all repairs needed on the home.

" My blower motor did NOT break down due to a pre existing condition.

Plus he would start an investigation but it would take an additional 48 hours to verify what I am saying and to speak with the agent I spoke with.

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