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Mismatched systems where the indoor and outdoor units were not properly matched to each other in capacity or efficiency for proper operation; andd.

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Only those systems and appliances properly and permanently installed and located within the living area of the home will be covered.

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I ultimately set the toilet in a bed of grout to get a lasting fix. More…

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He was very punctual, and I’d always knew when he was gonna be here. More…

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They visited my home on 5 different occasions. Aren't they qualified technicians?The first time they came, they went into the attic, checked the unit outside, and claimed they repaired the AC less than 10 mins. I stated that the AC is still not cooling very well. Something is not correct. Only then did they make a poor attempt to troubleshoot and assess my issue further. What do you know. I needed a compressor and someone will be in touch!This is clearly by design to appease you by dispatching someone to your home but not actually fix anything. Needless to say this contractor is not qualified to service any AC units or even be in business period!I guess the contractors are only as good as the service provider i. e. 2 10 Home Warranty. So shame on 2 10 Home Warranty for continuing to employ and dispatch such contractors when I'm so certain they are very aware of the countless complaints about this unprofessional and unreliable contractor!I am completely getting the run around from 2 10.

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Coverage varies by region and whether the home is involved in a real estate transaction.

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